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Breck Reinsma MSN, CNM

Breck has held a passion for pregnancy and birth from a very young age and her dream was always to help welcome babies into the world. She was born and raised in a small Idaho farming community and later attended nursing school in Michigan. Breck graduated with her MSN from Frontier Nursing University in 2015 and is certified as a nurse-midwife by the American Midwifery Credentialing Board. She is happy to work at Advanced Ob-Gyn as a full-time CNM.


Breck has worked at Spectrum Health as a labor and delivery nurse for more than 15 years. Through her nursing experience, Breck has recognized a growing need and desire among women for a different approach to care during childbirth. Breck has a strong passion for helping women achieve the birth they desire. Providing evidence based care and empowering women through education about their healthcare is of utmost importance to her. She feels honored that she is able to witness one of life’s greatest miracles time and time again.


Breck lives in Hudsonville with her husband Travis and their children. She loves cheering her children on at their sporting events, enjoys relaxing at the beach, and camping with her family. Her experience as a mother of 10 (yes, ten!) gives her firsthand knowledge of birth and how each experience is unique and wonderful.

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