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Advanced Ob-Gyn

Our goal is to provide high quality and individualized gynecologic and obstetrical care. The specialties in our office include obstetrics, gynecology, pelvic disorders, incontinence treatment, and preventive care. In addition, we offer full-scope midwifery care.

Our commitment extends beyond the evidence-based care we provide. As providers who value women-centered care, we strive to be compassionate listeners who focus on delivering comprehensive quality care in a timely manner. We are committed to developing and maintaining trusting and respectful relationships with our clients, keeping them informed of our services, treatment options, and the importance of preventative care.


Because education and partnership with women is a focus of our practice, appointments at Advanced Ob-Gyn are typically longer than what you would experience in other offices. If there are any questions or uncertainties about a specific procedure or diagnosis, we will take the time to discuss the situation until you feel fully informed.


Thank you for your interest in our office and services. We are confident that we can help you attain good health and ideal outcomes, regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of female life-cycle events.

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