We are currently open and keeping appointments, including those for annual exams and contraception.

In light of continued concerns regarding the COVID 19 pandemic, we want to work towards minimizing exposure for everyone and are requesting that everyone wear a mask during their visit. If you do not have a mask or face covering, we can provide you with one for a small fee. If you refuse to wear a mask or face covering, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment to a later time when COVID 19 is no longer a public health concern.


**** Because it is not possible to maintain recommended social distancing measures in exam rooms, we are asking that patients NOT bring family members or visitors to their appointments. A mask or face covering is required at all appointments. You will have the option to involve your support person via FaceTime during office visits. When this office visitor policy changes, we will announce it here. We have changed our office visitor policy to allow for one adult person to accompany you to the initial Ob appointment,  20 week fetal anatomy ultrasound, and VBAC consult. Both parents are encouraged to come to the circumcision appointment if desired.****

We have reviewed our professional organization recommendations for prenatal care and would like to make the following recommendations for longer intervals between in-office prenatal visits for women experiencing a low risk pregnancy. Evidence has shown that a decreased number of prenatal visits does NOT negatively impact pregnancy outcomes.  If there are concerns that develop at any time, please notify your provider and we can add an appointment as necessary. At this time, we will keep all appointments for ultrasounds and nonstress tests (NSTs).  


We propose that the following visits remain in office visits:

-New OB visit (first visit) between 9-12 weeks

-20 week visit with fetal anatomy scan ultrasound

-28 week visit with gestational diabetes screening

-32 week visit with option for Tdap vaccine

-36 week visit with testing for GBS

-38 week visit

-39 week visit

-40 week visit

-6 week postpartum visit


We propose the following visits to take place via phone:

-16 week visit

-24 week visit

-34 week visit

-37 week visit (optional)


Please call the office to change the recommended visits to phone visits; provide us with a number you can be reached at and a midwife or doctor will call you at your scheduled appointment time.

We are asking patients to cancel/reschedule their appointment if they have any symptoms.

We DO NOT have COVID-19 testing available at our office.

We are following the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control. Please visit: https://www.spectrumhealth.org/covid19, or https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV to learn more.

As of June 18, Spectrum Health visitor policy for maternity patient has been updated. The hospital currently allows for two support people to accompany you on the labor, delivery, and postpartum units.  During labor, Spectrum Health is also allowing a certified doula to accompany you, in addition to your support people. Everyone will be screened for symptoms and issued masks upon arrival to the Maternity Admitting entrance. Spectrum Health recommends that all maternity and surgical patients will be tested for COVID 19 with a nasal swab.

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Advanced Ob-Gyn

Our goal is to provide high quality and individualized gynecologic and obstetrical care. The specialties in our office include obstetrics, gynecology, pelvic disorders, incontinence treatment, and preventive care for women. In addition, we offer full-scope midwifery care.

Our commitment extends beyond the evidence-based care we provide. As providers who value women-centered care, we strive to be compassionate listeners who focus on delivering comprehensive quality care in a timely manner. We are committed to developing and maintaining trusting and respectful relationships with our clients, keeping them informed of our services, treatment options, and the importance of preventative care.


Because education and partnership with women is a focus of our practice, appointments at Advanced Ob-Gyn are typically longer than what you would experience in other offices. If there are any questions or uncertainties about a specific procedure or diagnosis, we will take the time to discuss the situation until you feel fully informed.


Thank you for your interest in our office and services. We are confident that we can help you attain good health and ideal outcomes, regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of female life-cycle events.

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