What do I need to bring to my appointment?


Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Photo ID

  • Current insurance card(s)

  • Co-payment(s), if required


What insurance does your office take?


Please refer to our billing information page for a list of the insurance policies we take.


What is your cancelled appointment policy?


If you must cancel your appointment, we'll be happy to reschedule at a more convenient time. We ask you to give us 24 hours advance notice, providing an opportunity for another patient to been seen.  *If you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours ahead of time, or you simply do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you may be billed up to $60 ($1 per minute of scheduled time).


What are your billing requirements?


Patients must pay any co-payments at the time of their visit. Patients are responsible to pay any amounts, such as deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance that their insurance company designates is their responsibility.


What should I do if I have a question about my bill?


Please contact our billing manager at (616) 971-0060 Ext. 4


What should I do if the office is closed and I need medical care?


If you are experiencing what you believe is a life-threatening medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the closest hospital Emergency Department. For labor questions or other urgent after hour calls, please page the provider on call. The pager number for the on-call provider is 616-444-0358. We do not have an answering service, and you will be paging us directly. Instructions for using the pager number are as follow: 

-Dial the pager number like a phone number and wait for the recorded message.

-Listen to the recorded message which asks for you to leave a "numeric message".  THIS IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

-Carefully enter your 10 digit phone number, including area code. If you do not enter it correctly, we cannot call you back!

-After you have entered your phone number, simply ending the call will send the page through.

-As a courtesy to the on call provider, please be ready to answer the phone after you have paged.

-If there is no response after 20 minutes, please page again.

*Text option:  If you own a smart phone, you may reach the pager by texting ONLY your name and 10 digit phone number to the pager. For example: Lisa Smith 616-222-3333. Please do not text any additional questions or information. If there is no response after 20 minutes, please text again.


How do I refill a prescription


Call your pharmacy and follow the prompts for the refill script line.