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Advanced Ob-Gyn address:
230 Michigan St. NE, Suite 102
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Advanced Ob-Gyn is located in the 230 Michigan St. NE orange brick building on the southwest corner of Michigan St. and Lafayette Ave. 

Patient and visitor parking is available in Ramp 8 along Michigan St (southwest corner of Michigan St and Lafayette Ave). Enter Ramp 8 on the south side of Michigan St. If you are not able to turn left into Ramp 8 off of Michigan St, you can continue to the light at Barclay Ave, turn left onto Barclay, then left onto Crescent, and access the parking lot/ramp from Crescent (see map below). Park in the small surface level parking lot to the east of the 230 Michigan building. Advanced Ob-Gyn patients may use spaces designated for Advanced Ob-Gyn and/or expectant mothers in addition to any available parking spaces in this lot. If the parking lot is full, you may park in front of 330 Barclay, or follow the arrows and enter the underground parking ramp to the south. 


Enter the 230 Michigan building through the sliding glass doors facing east (walk under the overhang and enter through the sliding glass doors). Advanced Ob-Gyn is located in Suite 102. Follow the main hallway straight back and Suite 102 will be on your left before the hallway turns.

Please bring your parking ticket in with you to your appointment and present it at the front desk so an associate can validate your parking.

Note: these directions are for scheduled appointments only, we do not accept walk-ins and cannot validate parking for anyone other than our patients and their visitors. Please call (616) 971-0060 to schedule an appointment.

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