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New Patient Information


This page is for new patients that have been accepted for care and scheduled for an initial visit. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please refer to our Prospective Patients page or call (616) 971-0060.


Thank you for choosing Advanced Ob-Gyn! Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures below. If you have any questions, please call our office at (616) 971-0060. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Current visitor policies:
  • You may bring one or two healthy adult visitors with you to all appointment types

  • Children are not allowed in the ultrasound suite and are not allowed to any visits paired with ultrasound (including but not limited to IUD insertion with ultrasound guidance, pelvic ultrasounds, etc)

  • Children other than the infant are not allowed to circumcision appointments

  • If you are post-partum, your infant may accompany you to all appointments (other children are subject to the policies above)

Masks are optional. Please be kind to those that choose to wear a mask. Patients may ask their care providers to wear a mask. Masks are available at our front desk.


Our address is 230 Michigan St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Suite 102. Please see our Directions & Parking page for details and a map.


Parking is available in Ramp 8, on the southwest corner of Michigan St. and Lafayette Ave (enter from Michigan St). Bring your parking ticket into your appointment with you so we can validate it.

Our office is Suite 102 on the ground level, on the left side of the main hallway.


Please stop in with our front desk to finalize your in person check-in and validate your parking when you arrive. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Check-in is now completed online ahead of time and is required in order to be seen by your provider. At the time of scheduling, we will confirm your phone number and consent to receive text messages. Prior to your appointment you will receive a text with a link for online PreVisit check-in. These messages will be from Epion and are legitimate. You must complete this check-in ahead of your appointment. If you are a new patient, you will be asked to provide insurance information, medical history, and sign necessary consents and privacy notices. If you have a co-pay or balance, you will be prompted to pay during the PreVisit check-in. Established patients will have a brief check-in.


If you have any questions regarding check-in, please call the office at (616) 971-0060.


If you do not have a cell phone, please provide your email address when scheduling and we can email the check-in link.


If you do not have access to a cell phone or computer, or are unable to complete the pre-visit check-in ahead of time, please arrive 30 minutes early to your appointment to complete your PreVisit on an iPad in the office.



When you arrive for your appointment, please stop by the front desk. We will verify your pre-visit check-in is complete and notify your provider that you have arrived. Bring your parking ticket in with you so that the front desk associate can validate your parking. If you are a new patient or your insurance has changed since your last visit, please give your insurance card to the front desk associate to be scanned.



Click here to read the practice brochure.



If you would like to be setup to use our AthenaHealth patient portal, please speak to a front desk associate. The patient portal can be used for viewing and paying bills, obtaining medical records, and sending non-urgent messages. The portal cannot be used to schedule, re-schedule, or cancel appointments, please contact us at (616) 971-0060 for all scheduling. The patient portal is web browser based, there is no mobile app available at this time.


“This is the place for excellent care by people who love what they do! Breck was there for the birth of 2 of my babies and Dr. John has been my OB for over 10 years and 4 babies"



“I felt heard, genuinely care for, and empowered at each visit at Advanced Ob-Gyn. If you want your care to be less 'procedural' and more human please consider midwifery services”


“Breck and Sarah were amazing with my prenatal care and delivery. I knew I wanted midwife care, but the outstanding care these women provide is exceptional”


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