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Surgical Scheduling


How do I schedule surgery?

Surgeries are scheduled for new and established patients after an in-person visit for a surgical consult (new patients will need an approved referral before scheduling). If it is determined that you will have surgery, you will sign the necessary consent forms in-person and the surgical scheduler will work with you to determine possible dates for your surgery. Exact times for surgery are determined by the facility and are communicated to the patient about 48 hours prior to surgery. New patients will not be scheduled for surgery without an in-person consultation. 

Where are surgeries performed?


Surgeries are currently performed at one of the following facilities in Grand Rapids: Grand Valley Surgical Center or University of Michigan Health - West. The facility used is at the discretion of the surgery and is based on a number of factors including but not limited to the procedure(s) being performed, surgical equipment required, and the patient's medical history.

What are your surgical scheduling policies?

When scheduling your surgery, you will be asked to read, understand, and sign to the following agreement:

Our practice believes in providing exemplary medical care and service. When scheduling surgery for you, there are many steps requiring a great amount of time and effort from our staff. There are also obligations we ask you, the patient, to fulfill.



Scheduling surgery includes but is not limited to the following:

  • We check the schedule of our physician as well as the available blocks of time at multiple surgical locations.

  • We complete detailed paperwork notifying the facility of what surgery is being scheduled, equipment needed, pre-operative testing, etc. This also involves phone calls and/or faxes.

  • We provide you with pre-operative instructions based on your specific medical history and the surgical procedure you will have.

  • We contact your insurance company to obtain any necessary pre-authorization for your procedure.

  • We inquire about any deductibles, co-insurance amounts, etc so that we can help you predict your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • We complete and provide any necessary orders for lab work or other pre-operative testing.

  • We schedule your post-op follow-up appointments (typically two and six weeks after surgery) during your provider’s clinic office hours.


As this is such a time and work intensive process, we do not cancel or reschedule surgical dates lightly. Exact times for surgery are determined by the surgical facility and may change up until the day before your procedure, but any change in date requires repeating all the steps above. Our surgical providers often schedule surgical procedures during “block” time. Block time is time reserved for surgeons at a specific surgical facility. Too much available time during a surgeon’s block (due to last minute cancellations) risks the surgeon or practice losing access to that block of time altogether.



  • You will read all forms and instructions we provide, ask any questions, and express any concerns.

  • You will work with our surgical scheduler to provide dates that will/will not work.

  • You will contact your insurance company to verify your coverage and understand your benefits and out of pocket obligations. We will do our best to help verify your benefits and predict costs, but you are ultimately responsible for any co-pays, co-insurance, or out-of-pocket expenses.

  • You will work with our front desk staff to schedule your post-op appointments.

  • You will follow all pre-operative instructions given from us or the surgical facility so that surgery is not cancelled for a preventable reason.

  • You will need to arrive on time for surgery (arrival time will be determined by the surgical facility and communicated to you within 48 hours before surgery).


I understand that if I need to cancel or reschedule surgery, I must contact the surgical scheduler at least two weeks prior to my surgery date (or immediately, if surgery is scheduled less than two weeks from the consult). I understand that cancelling or rescheduling within a week of the scheduled date risks my providers losing access to block time and may prevent them from being able to schedule another surgery during that time. I understand that repeatedly cancelling or rescheduling surgery means I may be discharged from this practice.


** I understand that cancelling or rescheduling surgery within a week of the
scheduled date may result in a $100 rebooking fee. **

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