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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


Up-to-date visitor and mask policies will be published to this page.



Current visitor policies:
  • You may bring one or two healthy adult visitors with you to all appointment types

  • Children are allowed to routine appointments but keep in mind the length of the visit and the smaller size of our exam rooms (children must remain with you at all times and cannot be left unattended in the waiting area)

  • Children are not allowed in the ultrasound suite and are not allowed to any visits paired with ultrasound (including but not limited to IUD insertion with ultrasound guidance, pelvic ultrasounds, etc)

  • Children other than the infant are not allowed to circumcision appointments

  • If you are post-partum, your infant may accompany you to all appointments (other children are subject to the policies above)


Masks are optional but recommended. Please be kind to those that choose to wear a mask. Patients may ask their care providers to wear a mask. Masks are available on a table next to the elevator in the lobby of our building.


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