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Dr. John LaGrand is the only physician in West Michigan who uses the single incision laparoscopy approach to gynecological surgery. This approach is less invasive than either traditional laparoscopy or robotic laparoscopy and provides quicker recovery times, a hidden scar, and can be used for most gynecologic surgeries including pelvic suspensory procedures.


Dr. John LaGrand is a nationally recognized trainer and educator for the single incision approach and has successfully adapted most procedures to be accomplished using this method. 


To schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. LaGrand, our practice requires a referral. Please see the Referrals page for more information.

  • Single-incision laparoscopy (LESS)

  • Pelvic support procedures

  • Vaginal surgery

  • Out-patient hysterectomy

  • Stress incontinence surgery

  • Endometriosis surgery

  • Post Essure® treatment

  • Endometrial ablation

  • Procedures for ovarian abnormalities

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