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Dr. John LaGrand is the only physician in west Michigan who uses the single incision laparoscopy (LESS) approach to gynecological surgery. This approach is less invasive than either traditional laparoscopy or robotic laparoscopy and provides quicker recovery times, a hidden scar, and can be used for most gynecologic surgeries including hysterectomies and pelvic suspensory procedures.


Dr. John LaGrand is a nationally recognized trainer and educator for the single incision approach and has successfully adapted most procedures to be accomplished using this method. 


To schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. LaGrand, our practice requires a referral. Please see the Referrals page for more information.

Patient testimonials

Mary: "I'm 35 and had stage IV endometriosis. It likely started in my teen years, and Dr. LaGrand was the first OBGYN to take my symptoms seriously. It's not just heavy bleeding, it's crippling cramps, bloating, fatigue, GI complications and a hormonal hellscape. He is keenly aware of how badly Western medicine has failed women on the whole, takes them at their word about symptoms, and takes action to make it better. I can hardly express how much my life has improved since recovering from surgery (laparoscopic hysterectomy), and I would recommend anyone with a uterus to see him if they feel that their health issues have not been taken seriously by previous healthcare providers."

Hannah: "Dr. John LaGrand and his team are incredible. I have struggled with pelvic pain, adenomyosis, and endometriosis for 14 years. I have seen countless specialists and the long road of trial and error was tumultuous, emotional, and painful.

I saw Dr. LaGrand in February of 2023, and after a long and thoughtful consultation, I was scheduled for a total hysterectomy in March of 2023. I cannot thank Dr. LaGrand enough for his compassion, understanding and skill. I felt informed, and I felt heard.

His support throughout this very final chapter of my journey is something I will never forget. He communicated with my partner and family throughout the procedure. He was responsive and accessible in the immediate days of my recovery. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. LaGrand and his team to any human with a uterus.

Thank you, thank you. You have changed my life in ways I couldn’t fathom."

Darcy: "I was referred to Dr. John LaGrand after some questionable ultrasound results. Based on my age, health history and having the Chek 2 Gene Mutation, I decided to have a complete hysterectomy. Dr. LaGrand took his time explaining all my options until he was sure I understood. Lucky for me Dr. LaGrand is one of only 10 (I believe) doctors in the country who perform a SINGLE incision laparoscopic hysterectomy. Bonus! Only having one small incision to recover from was wonderful. The surgery went well and I am healing wonderfully. I highly recommend Advanced OBGYN and Dr. LaGrand!"

Raquel: "I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. LaGrand is. First, he has a killer sense of humor - always made my day after a visit. Second, the procedure went better than I could have ever hoped for, and I knew I was in more than capable hands with him every step of the way.

But, more than that, he was the first doctor to ever to ask the question, "But do you feel better?" when I asked him what he found after my full hysterectomy. As women, we are never allowed to experience pain if there is not a direct cause - one that can be seen or substantiated with concrete proof. I dealt with abdominal pain for years due to PCOS, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts, I am only 34. And so many times I felt so defeated when I tried to advocate for myself. He was different, he was compassionate and empathetic, and not once did he ever make me justify my pain. That is a rarity in healthcare, and I will always be grateful."

  • Single-incision laparoscopy (LESS)

  • Endometriosis excision

  • Tubal removal/salpingectomy

  • Pelvic support procedures

  • Vaginal surgery

  • Out-patient hysterectomy

  • Stress incontinence surgery

  • Post Essure® treatment

  • Endometrial ablation (Minerva)

  • Procedures for ovarian abnormalities

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